What is an intelligent house?

Imagine that your home can think, that it can understand and foresee your needs and your fancies. A lamp that turns off by itself, auto-adjusting blinds according to ambient temperature or sunlight, sensors warning of open windows when you leave the house… First and foremost, an intelligent home is synonymous with comfort but, above all, it is also synonymous with economy.

Thanks to home automation, you will considerably lower your energy consumption by controlling and regulating electric and heating “waste”, and will therefore notice a sizeable decrease in your bills.

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What is an energy autonomous house?

An autonomous house is an energy independent house, producing all the energy that it needs and managing the water that it uses. By combining a variety of renewable energy techniques (solar energy, solar thermal power, rainwater recovery) and adapting to a variety of climatic conditions, we can create an autonomous house that allows you to drastically reduce your energy consumption.

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What is a passive house?

Passive home is a concept designating a building with very low energetic consumption per square meter, or even completely balanced by solar contribution or by calories emitted internally (electric appliances and inhabitants). In order to be qualified as “passive”, a house must reduce approximately 80% of its heating energy consumption in comparison to a brand-new conventional house.

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To your specifications!

my iHome is first and foremost a house that suits you. You decide on the design of your house and specify the layout, the types of cladding to be used, the interior design features, the lighting and all the finishing touches that will make this house your home.

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High quality!

Through the expertise of our partners and meticulous selection of the best materials on the market, my iHome can now offer you a house that satisfies your every requirement.

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Save money from start to finish!

The home automation system and the solar energy and thermal power solutions mean that, with my iHome, you are guaranteed a low purchase price, and low running costs.

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A price without unpleasant surprises!

We are aware that a construction may be a great source of anxiety; this is why my iHome guarantees a fixed and closed price, without budget overrun from the first draft to the delivery of your house. Our mission, your satisfaction!

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Shorter construction deadlines!

Thanks to the use of new construction technologies, to the manufacture of the structure in a factory, and an inventive assembly system, we considerably reduce the construction costs and duration. While the construction of a concrete house takes approximately 12 to 14 months, a my iHome house is built in only 4 months.

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